Make sure your user content is always adequate

Build apps fast, focusing on your business

Seine helps you to efficiently deliver and manage your user generated content, so you can stop worrying about what they post.

AI powered, filtering exactly what you need

Define a simple set of rules to automatically filter out nudity, violence and racy content.

Fast to integrate, even faster to deliver

Almost no changes on your side, for a super fast and easy integration. Seine is also providing you a top level CDN for free.

  • Storage system supported

    Azure storage, Google storage, AWS S3 or any other, Seine support any picture storage host.

  • Protocols

    HTTP and HTTPS are supported

  • Individual Filters

    You can individualy filter nudity, violence or racy content

One line integration

Probably the fastest integration that you can do. Chances are that you’re serving pictures through an url like this:

Replace your domain by Seine’s one:

That’s it, you’re done!